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I would like to introduce myself for the first time. My name is Barrister David Gomez Gonzalez, the personal lawyer to my late client.
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He left a fortune worth $12,500,000.00 Dollars in a bank in Spain. The bank sent me message that I have to introduce a beneficiary or the money in their bank will be confiscate. My purpose of contacting you is to make you the Next of Kin.
My late client left no will, I as his personal lawyer, was commissioned by the Spanish Bank to search for relatives to whom the money left behind could be paid to. I have been looking for his relatives for the past 3 months continuously without success. Now I explain why I need your support, I have decided to make a citizen of the same country with my late client the Next of Kin.

I hereby ask you if you will give me your consent to present you to the Spanish Bank as the next of kin to my deceased client.
I would like to point out that you will receive 45% of the share of this money, 45% then I would be entitled to, 10% percent will be donated to charitable organizations.

If you are interested, please contact me at my private contact details by Tel: 0034-604-284-281, Fax: 0034-911-881-353, Email: amucioabogadosl019@gmail.com
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Best regards,

Lawyer: - David Gomez Gonzalez
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